Working experience

Fontys University 2019 – …
Senior Consultant IT Cost Model
Reconstruction of the IT cost price model and chargeback to the business of the central IT department. The model is bases on the Technology Business Management taxonomy. Reconstruction of the financial administration and time registration in order to align actuals with budget for reporting.

De Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) 2017 – 2019
IT Cost Management Consultant
The SVB is the organization that implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands.
Creating IT cost transparency by building an Activity Based Budget. The budget is based upon Zero Based budgeting. In addition, the financial administration is being restructured in order to be able to report in accordance with the new activities.

De Lage Landen International B.V. (DLL) 2018 – 2018
IT Cost Management Consultant
Build and Implement of an IT Cost model in CostPerform. With a small team (2 from the Supplier and 3 from Control DLL) design and implement a Minimal Viable Product using Agile (Scrum) methodology in which controllers of DLL were trained on-the-Job. Turnaround time was 12 weeks using 5 sprints.

UWV 2016 – …
IT Cost Management Consultant
Creating transparency in the ICT expenditure of the UWV by means of an Activity-Based Budget (ABB). Creating the financial base for the ABB by alignment of accounting and time registration. Managing improvement tracks with regard to administrative organization, contract management and procurement, IT controlling and Agile control.

Arcadis 2015 – 2016
Senior IT Controller
Delivered 2016 budget and charge back for IT EMEUK (Continental Europe, Middle East and UK) under great time pressure (6 weeks). First draft setup for consolidating IT administrations in 2016. In this case 5 administrations in 3 different ERP systems (SAP, Agresso, Dynamics) need to be standardized and consolidated along the organisational structure and the budget layout for budget management and reporting.

DS Smith 2013 – 2015
IT Cost Management Consultant/Business Controller
Building transparent, cost efficient IT cost management structure with clear governance. Delivered an Activity Based Budget for Group IT including dashboard. Delivery of monthly management reports. Restructuring of financial administration in 2013. Migration Group IT administration from JDE to SAP in 2014. Contract management and management reports for some of the larger outsourcing partners. Supporting various benchmarking activities (KPMG and Gartner). Knowledge transfer to new P&C team.
RWE IT GMBH 2012 – 2012
Data mining consultant
Creation of a data room and structuring data mining and business case analyses/preparations for the supply stream Sourcing of the IT@RWE 2015 project. Preparing decision papers for outsourcing (RFI/RFP).

RWE IT GMBH 2012 – 2012
Data mining consultant
Creation of a data room and structuring data mining and business case analyses/preparations for the supply stream Sourcing of the IT@RWE 2015 project. Preparing decision papers for outsourcing (RFI/RFP).

Essent 2009 – 2012
Principle Architect (Strategic advisor)
Building and implementing IT cost management system in standard tooling (CostPerform). Infrastructure cost calculations. Developing and building sales models for the IT department. Supervising benchmark programs (infrastructure, application maintenance, business comparisons) with several major consulting firms as McKinsey and Metri. Actively involved the IT Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration between Essent and RWE. Implementation and rollout of performance management framework for the IT organization.

Finext 2005 – 2009
Cost management consultant/interim controller at Essent
From scratch building and implementing planning and control for the infrastructure organization. Development of a TCO model for the infrastructure. Establish credit control. Member of the management team of IT Infrastructure. Participate in Due Diligence in former merger process with NUON. Project Portfolio Management for infrastructure projects. Training infrastructure controller. Quality improvement in resource data for IT costing (CMDB, KPI reports suppliers, SAP structures).

Municipality of Roermond 2004
Corporate controller
Responsible for the construction of a new planning and control cycle. Advisor tot the MT and College on business issues. Results: Deployment and reporting of baseline measurement of the effectiveness of the internal organization. Start up of internal audit program regarding legitimacy of action taken by the municipality.

Inspection of Education 2002 – 2004
Corporate controller
Head of department Planning, Quality Assurance and Control (9 employees). Responsible for developing management tools and the financial cycle. Main activities: introducing VBTB (from policy to policy accountability), introducing integrated management, update of the administrative organization, developing a cost model, introduction of EFQM model (describing business processes) and the establishment of the department of Planning , Quality Assurance and Control.

University of Maastricht 1993 – 2002

2000 – 2002
Ad -interim Director at the Faculty of General Sciences (FdAW)
FdAW was during this period in transition from the University of Maastricht to the Transnational University Limburg (tUL). Key activities: management of the faculty office (11 people including systems), overall responsibility for the department’s personnel policy and administration (120 people), responsible for financial policy and administration, embedding of the masters program of the Knowledge Engineering in tUL. Teaching project management for students in the second year of their education.

1996 – 2000
Financieel advisor/Controller Financial Economic Services (FES)
Advising the Executive Board, deans and faculty directors on financial policy and management. Act as a sparring partner for policy development from a business perspective. Assistance with the budget cycle of two university faculties and 4 internal departments. Control and planning of the investment program of the UM (from 1998 up to 2003 an investment program of M€ 110 M in new buildings was executed). Development of financial management tools. Generating management information for quarterly reports. Develop and provide financial management training. The UM has a further decentralization of powers introduced as part of Integrated Management. Result was a greater need for financial expertise deeper into the organization. Develop a university-wide Access program to create management reports. Development of combined liquidity and investment planning for construction projects. Coordinating the year-en-closing of the UM in which the lead time was shortened by 6 weeks. Develop a financial management course for non-financials.

1993 – 1996
Labour Market Researcher
Researcher at the Research Centre for Education and Labour Market (ROA) at the Faculty of Economics. Perform applied research for external clients such as ministries and the EU. Besides conducting the research also responsible for acquisition, scheduling, budget control and aftercare.