• Jeroen Hoevenberg

Volunteering experiences

2000 – 2003
Treasurer Bourgogne Clinic Foundation in Maastricht
The Bourgogne Clinic is a centre for birth control.

1989 – 1991
Student Health Foundation (SSGZ)
Member Advisory Board of SSGZ on behalf 0f student union NSEM.

1996 – 2000
Local participation organ
On behalf of labour union AbvaKabo member of the local participation organ of Maastricht University.

Member / Chairman of the Board of the UM AbvaKabo members group, president of the cooperating federations at the UM. Counselor for UM employees for two years.

1988 – 1996
Several memberships of the University Administration
Member of the staff council of the Faculty of Economics, member of the University Council and member of the Faculty Council.

2000 – 2006
Treasurer Wold Music Foundation in Limburg
A foundation that is involved in organizing events in order to bring cultures together through music. This resulted in six concerts per year combined with cultural activities.

1994 – 2010
Co-founder, secretary and treasurer Morijo Loita Foundation
The Foundation Morijo Loita has established a primary school for Masai children in Morijo, Kenya. The school has 10 classrooms, two toilet blocks and 5 teachers’ houses. Currently there are over 350 children going to school.

1988 – 1991
Organisation of ‘International Social and Cultural Evenings’
A monthly cultural and social event for foreign and Dutch students in Maastricht. The goal was to promote contact between the two groups.

2011 – present
Trainer F/E-pupils (6 to 10 year old) soccer club Vorstenbosscheboys.

2015 – present
Member of the technical commission for youth soccer at soccer club Vorstenbosscheboys.

1997 – 2005
Treasurer handball and futsal club Polaris in Maastricht.

1995 – 1996
Trainer of the ladies handball teams Polaris in Maastricht.