• Jeroen Hoevenberg

Education and Courses

Energy Delta Institute

Functioning of the energy market. A multi-day training on all facets of the functioning of the energy sector. Emphasis was laid up on future developments and use of alternative energy sources.

Institute for Eclectic Psychology(IEP) Nijmegen
NLP practitioner
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a model for communication and internal change. NLP helps people to improve the interaction between their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors. Learning to use NLP, is learning to guide others in a clear, engaging way to support and encourage their life. The power of NLP comes from integration: rational plus emotional, beliefs plus skills, structure plus intuition. Keywords are: personal development, effectiveness, inner experience, interpersonal abilities, and self-persuasion.

Advanced course Change management
10 sessions of the change management master program of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Advisory skills for advisors
Five-day course provided by Schouten & Nelissen

1993 – 1994
Course ‘Regressie-analysis including logistic regression and log-linear analysis’
Part-time training from ITS (Nijmegen) and IVA (Tilburg).

1991 – 1992
University of Glasgow (8 maanden)
Master thesis “Adam Smith on the colonies” (Philosophy of Economics)

professor A.S. Skinner (University of Glasgow)
professor J. Backhaus (University of Maastricht)

1986 – 1993
University of Maastricht
Master of Economics
Emphasis on a combination of International Economic Relations and Finance.